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>> Both Internet Explorer 7.0 or above , Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or above are best to view malayalam Texts.
>> You can download both browsers from below links
>> Download Mozilla Firefox
>> Download Internet Explorer

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   If you have any reading problem , pls download the zip file and unzip that file from your system.After unziping you will get two fils of name MLKR0BTT.TTF and AnjaliOldLipi-0.730.ttf. Copy this files to font folder in your windows Installation folder. (Mostly it will be in C:\ .If not check in other drives also)

To get the font folder please do below actions
1. Click on Start
2. Click 'Run'
3. Type 'fonts'
Then Font folder will be opened.

two fils of name MLKR0BTT.TTF and AnjaliOldLipi-0.730.ttf
to the font folder.

4. Refresh the web page.

OR follow following steps

Your font Folder will be similiar as below

Or you can search for the fonts folder in you system.Once you found the font folder in your system, copy these unzipped file(MLKR0BTT.TTF
and AnjaliOldLipi-0.730.ttf) to that folder. Then reopen the webpage, you can see the pages perfectly.

If you are still facing problem when viewing some of the pages(Mostly news pages), please follow below steps.

1. uses advanced unicode malayalam fonts. This fonts are best visible newer versions of Mozilla or Internet Explorer.
2. Install any of the malayalam unicode font, which is vastly availble in internet
3. Click here to install AnjaliOldLipi malayalam unicode font.
4. After clicked, one message will come and will ask you to save or run AnjaliFontInstaller1.03.01.exe .

5.Click on the run button, if it is asked.
6. If Run button is not available in the message, click on the save button.
7. Save the AnjaliFontInstaller1.03.01.exe in your computer location.
8.Go to the saved location and double click AnjaliFontInstaller1.03.01.exe.
9. After installation, it should be possible to view the unicode malayalam text in your machine.
10. Click below link to test whether unicode malayalm text is visible form you computer
Moidu moulavi about chennamangallur >>

If you face same problem again, pls send a mail to us . .

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